Coming Soon

UnderConstruction is under construction currently.  Our new site will be live by July 15th.  We are bringing you new packages, new options and better service through new partner commitments.  This year as brought us great growth, great clients and an expansion plan.

In the meantime, we are currently working on all the final details of our first holistic life event, the Four Points Expo, for this September 21 & 22, 2019 at the AgriCenter International.  Here Mid-Southerners can find alternative holistic wellness options to improve their mind, body and spirit.  Its through the teachings of our ancestors that we must return to Mother Earth and Father Sky for answers.  Chemicals have caused damage over the last 60+ years and our next generation is seeing the effects of it.  This event is not a way to preach about political propaganda, but merely an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and enjoy extraterrestrial outlook as well.  Please join VSmith Media,, and our 40+ exhibitors who are ready to share a lot with the community. For ticket and sponsor information please visit the official site for the event,

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