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Putting your energy in the atmosphere is essential to getting sessions. The first step to getting out to the entire atmosphere digitally is with a website design development that is accessible and mobile optimized.  At VSmith Media, LLC we work with WordPress CRM because it integrates blogs and user-friendly accessibility for you (the client) and regular maintenance from us (the agency).

To create and design the content of your site requires us to know four (4) major things.

  1. Who are you selling to?
  2. Will you be selling online?
  3. Will you be selling tickets for events?
  4. Will you be adding content yourself or requiring us to regularly?

All our sites are mobile optimized to accommodate the ~79% of consumers who shop via a mobile phone or tablet today and we are striving to have the site up and running with the fastest load times and regular traffic.

Remember this is step one to generating an online presence.  We can ease you in step by step or we can give you the best of the best from the start with our White Service Package.

Monthly Maintenance includes but is not limited to:

  • Plugin Updating
  • Site Indexing with Google and Bing
  • Speed Checkups
  • Content Updates
  • Organic SEO
  • Site Analytic Reports

Additional service add-ons include:

  • Blog Article written by our team $30 for 500-word article
  • Integrate E-Commerce to Facebook Shop $150 (1) one-time fee or $50 monthly maintenance updates
  • Press Release announcing the new site $250 written and distributed to 250+ outlets
  • PPC Marketing - traffic driver $100 per every 100K people you want to reach

Purchase a domain | hosting

VSmith Media, LLC is a full service digital marketing company.  We offer the service of domain name ownership and hosting as an add on.  These services are paid separately and can be established at your discretion.  All Domain and Hosting services are provided by GoDaddy, Inc. and we serve as a partner for assistance, maintenance and setup.


Ready to Get Started?

Red Service Package
Website Design & Monthly Maintenance

  • WordPress site Development & Design
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Site Maintenance
  • Standard Plugin Set
  • Speed Checkups (with Google Speed Tests)
  • Social Media Syncing
  • Monthly Google Analytics Reports

We begin with a site layout and structure discussion, then we design a mock up and then you will be online within a minimum of *twenty-one (21) business days. *time frame can be shorter/longer depending on current workload.

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