VSmith Media Hosting

VSmith Media Hosting is a division of VSmith Media, LLC for providing hosting, domain registration, site security, and email.  We offer these services through out trusted partners under a reseller commitment to bring the best quality and service for website hosting and services.  When you purchase any of the services from VSmith Media Hosting your account is with VSmith Media direct, this is to ensure your service is managed by our team of consultants, customer service and engineers. When you create services from here you will use a different account that that of VSmith Media, LLC cart for Digital Marketing services. If you are just getting started we’d like to encourage you to search your preferred domain that relates to your business or brand.  We can then assist with the rest.  We prefer servicing website design using WordPress which can be handled in Managed WordPress under a WordPress plan or through Cpanel hosting. You get more addons with a Managed WordPress plan, than you do with a Cpanel hosting. Please review your options below as service options have changed recently with all hosting providers nationwide.  WordPress now offers SSL Certificates with the hosting plan, no need to purchase separately UNLESS you want to secure multiple domains across the web.  You can host one site, but it can be reached using various domains that all require an SSL certificate in order to rank in all search engines in 2020 and beyond.
What is the difference between Managed WordPress and Cpanel Hosting?
Managed WordPress hosting is generally setup to manage one domain at a time with specific functions to that domain directly inside the WordPress CMS, whereas, Cpanel creates a CMS within the Cpanel account and you can manage multiple subdomains in one account.  Example: hosting.vsmithmedia.com is a subdomain that could be setup in Cpanel. If you want to host vsmithmediahosting.com that is a separate domain with a separate WordPress setup.
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