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Social Media & PPC

Our Social Media & PPC Plan provides an organic social plan and pay per click strategy to drive traffic to your website, local listings and business.  This is a top tier plan that provides  a strategy to engage with your fans, followers and consumers.  Social Media plays a key role to engage with your consumers in a more natural way than ever before.  For instance, without social we wouldn't know who our fans and followers are and how they help our businesses.

Before the Facebook scandal of data breach, it was natural for consumers to like, post, respond and share their opinions. After the scandal consumers are being cautious of what they like, post, and share their opinion in fear of what big brother will track on them.  Well to this I say as a marketer, Facebook is not the only one sharing your data they are merely the crux of what digital space does to incorporate shopper behavior with today's digital platforms.

With a strong social media marketing plan, we will generate content and engaging posts that draw consumers to your channels incorporating a new energy for positive enlightenment. For example, does your social profile incorporate your keywords and mission or does its simply include your business or brand name and general information.  Many business owners don't know you can incorporate more information into your social profiles that attract potential new consumers through targeting, these are keywords.  With these your business/brand can stand out in search engine results.

How the Plan Works

Our monthly Social Media & PPC Marketing Plan begins with a Social Media Audit and integration to your website.  Why would you not have links to your social media on your website if you didn't want consumers to find you by all means necessary.

The monthly service includes the following:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Creation/Improvement Social Media Channels
  • Monthly Post Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Monthly PPC Allowance
  • Monthly Reporting

We will work on an organic growth strategy in conjunction with a PPC Plan that gains visibility and reach with all means possible.  Using our single dashboard approach to see your social channels in one place we can combine channel approaches alongside a paid approach.  To get started it's as easy as placing a deposit of $75 and our team will reach out to begin the information gathering process.

Social Media Marketing changes often so we can't guarantee sales, we can however reach people, track activity and incorporate data to increase chances of sales.

Our monthly plan runs $435 a month with a minimum of 6-month commitment or $455 if you pay month-to-month with no commitment, save $120 with a commitment.

*Deposits are non-refundable

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