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The VSmith Media team knows that email marketing is one of the best online marketing tools, that works very well together with other strategies. Email marketing is a #naturalmarketer preferred method of organic communication with customers and employees.

Many small and medium companies, online stores, etc. are unaware of the power of email marketing. They don’t know how to take advantage of this option and rule out this alternative, before they even consider the option, by lack of knowledge.

However, they are aware

Of the cost of getting a new customer.

And most people agree that it is much more advantageous to keep existing customers than to get new ones. That is why, it is often more expensive to get new customers than convincing an old customer to purchase from you again.

Working with email marketing is a powerful tool, you can organize strategies such as:

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Upselling is a technique where you use a sales opportunity to have an existing customer purchase a more expensive product/service, or an upgraded version of a product/service, to make a more profitable sale. For a marketing example, it’s like when a customer comes to you for a 3-page website, but you sell them a 10-page responsive site with hosting.

Cross-selling is when you use a sales opportunity to sell additional product or services to an existing customer. For a marketing example, it’s like when you sell one of your business clients a website as well as live chat and form building software to complement their website.

4 Key Action Items to Get Started

Get started with cross-selling and upselling campaigns today with your email marketing by following these easy steps:

  1. Make a list of services or products to upsell or cross-sell to existing customers.
  2. Analyze your customers and segment them based on purchase history, demographics, how long they’ve been a customer, and/or other appropriate metrics.
  3. Come up with a list of topics to cover in your emails based on those products or services, and customize the sequence of these topics based on your segmentation.
  4. Get started writing your content based on those topics!

If you are opening a new business or adding a new service we can purchase emails 25,000 names for a fee.  This allows you to obtain new fans, followers, and customers.

While mailchimp does not allow you to import a paid email list into your account, we can do an email blast through a secondary service to allow you to gain a larger email list and future customers.

To learn more about this service visit our digital marketing service page and explore Data-Dynamix Email Marketing a Free service until you are ready to purchase an email list.  The cost is not small, but is well worth it if you are ready to step up your store promotion or service promotion.

What is Data-Dynamix Email Marketing?

Data-Dynamix provides targeted email marketing powered by a database of confirmed, opted-in consumers and business email records.

Our email marketing services are designed to help you reach your prospective customers by applying targeted demographics and strategic filters. Our proprietary email delivery system is secure, compliant and based on dynamic database of opt-in records for both business and consumer marketing.

Utilizing the most trusted and engaged medium in digital advertising—targeted email marketing will drive traffic, develop new customer relationships, and serve as the cornerstone of a multi-channel digital advertising campaign. Protection Status