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Reviews?  Why do I have to have honest reviews for better search engine rankings?  Consumers listen to other consumers more often than years past.  Millennials are influenced by their peers while gen x still like to speak their mind.  1 star versus 5 stars will determine if a consumer even goes to your site or local business.  Don’t be a 1-star business.  With VSmith Media Local Listings we can manage your listings as well as manage the reviews online.  Our platform allows us to see the ratings consumers leave about your business and allow us to respond and handle interaction with these consumers.

In this area a recent experience for a client allowed us to improve their search engine rankings because without this platform we would have never known a rating had been posted.  Luckily it was a 5-star ranking but nonetheless we would have never found it.  There is the dark web few people discover without searching deeper than page 2 of Google or Bing.  We happened to come across a 5-star review on our client because we dug into page six (no not the celebrity news site) of Google searches.

What have you discovered so far with the 2018 SEO Ready Checklist?  Do you see improvements?  If you discover things in your research from the checklist, please contact to discuss short or long-term solutions to help keep you in front of consumers in 2018.



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5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Great article and very useful to help small businesses with not much in the way of an SEO budget. Now Google Reader is closing, do you know which of the alternative RSS feeds provide enough flexibility to continue this strategy?

    1. I prefer Feedly. Its quite user friendly and easy to install. You could consider this or Digg Reader as an alternative. Honestly RSS feeds are something I am not 100% versed in, white they are intertwined to my marketing integrations.

    1. Thanks Carmelia. If I can assist any further let me know always. If there is other information you are seeking then shoot me a note and I will have my team do some research and we’ll post about it.

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