Hike SEO Done-For-You SEO



partnering with Hike SEO this package is for the business who just wants to get it all done with the largest impact possible.

A personalised step-by-step instruction platform for SEO, built for small businesses who are short on time.

Our technology enables anyone in your business to drive your website up the Google rankings. The monthly prioritised list of actions will tell you exactly what to do to climb the Google organic search results in whatever time you have available.

Don’t have any time? The utilize our fulfilment add-ons and our expert SEO team will complete your monthly SEO actions for you.

The platform itself will help you – with step-by-step instructions – to create an SEO strategy for your website that will identify the best keyword and content opportunities, based on your industry, top competitors and the questions your customers are asking.

Once you’ve built the SEO strategy, you’ll then receive a free video review from one of our SEO team. In this video, we will run through the strategy you’ve created, providing feedback and priority next steps.

Then, say how much time you can spend on your SEO and the software will give you tailored, bespoke and easy-to-follow monthly SEO actions to improve your SEO rankings. These can be completed by anyone in your business; no need for any previous SEO experience.

With our range of fulfilment add-ons you can be sure that, even if you run out of time for SEO, we’ll be on-hand to make sure your website is climbing up the Google search results and reaching your target customers.

Also, you can upskill yourself and your team with the SEO Academy courses, too. Included for free for all customers.