Get marketing consulting for SEO, Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (PPC Ads), and overall strategy. 1 day of consulting is equivalent to two hours of time with Victoria Smith, director of sales and marketing consultant.



At VSmith Media all consulting services are handled by the owner and digital marketing specialist Victoria Smith. Victoria has over 15 years in the advertising and marketing industry with certifications from Google, Hootsuite, and HubSpot. She has awards from the Texas Collegiate Advertising Federation, local awards from the community, and awards from Alpha Beta Gamma for overall integrity, service, and community.

Consulting begins at $100 per day (2 hours per day is dedicated to your account) and Victoria will go through your needs, your vision, and how to grow your brand. Monthly plans are available to allow you to provide initial details and getting together information post our initial free consultation. Recommended Consulting plan per month is a minimum of 4 hours for research, gathering, and presentation to the client. If you have a company that requires multiple tiers of service we can build a specialized package suitable for your needs.