Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What’s your handle?

Millennials most likely have no idea what that means, but Gen Xer’s remember the days of AOL, MySpace where your username was your handle.  So what’s your handle?  @VSmithMedia across all social networks.  Find VSmith Media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Social Media is a tricky landscape to get business if you don’t have a strategy that fits your goals.  One thing alot of small business miss when starting is their username (handle).  Your username is part of your brand and it should be carried to your name, be sure to consider how people find you on social when you are creating your brand.  I wouldn’t want people to be looking for V.Smith Media, or Victoria Smith Media to get to us, I want the company name VSmith Media to resonate across all channels.

Being SEO Ready for 2018 also includes your social channels.  Many times consumers will find your Facebook page first because its capturing more hits than you website, linking through your Facebook is ideal ways to gain organic traffic in 2018.


Stir away from usernames that don’t reflect your business or reflect negatively on your brand.  Avoid special characters unless your brand includes special characters.

You too may have to compromise and settle for second best.  One constraint is that the Twitter username has a limit of 15 characters, with no spaces.  You may want to have more than one Twitter account: one for you representing your company and the other for your personal use.  You can also have multiple accounts for other social media channels.

Be clear to distinguish between your Facebook Profile, which is about you, and your Facebook Page which is about your business.

Generally when you register/purchase your domain name check to see if the name is also available across the major social channels; Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  Consumers will remember your handle as easily as they remember your domain so you should link the names across the web.