Digital Marketing in 2018

Digital Marketing in 2018

Many changes occur in the digital marketing landscape daily and many marketers have trouble keeping up.  In 2017 we saw drastic changes in the Google AdWords platform that made the PPC game easier for business owners to handle their own campaigns.  We also experienced an influx of Facebook and Instagram advertising.  These are just a couple of areas that affect your organic SEO and why its more difficult to rank and get noticed without spending some money to get in front of people online.  Meaning the elicit statement, “SEO is dead” simply can not be true.  SEO has evolved with the changes in search engines.

In 2018 its expected that Mobile Optimization and Voice Search will increase.  Snippets will change the game in first page ranks organically.   Is your website ready to take on these changes in 2018.  VSmith Media wants to get your website 2018 SEO Ready.   We have build a guide to get you there and if its to much for you to handle consider booking a consultation with VSmith Media to discuss how we can help.

2018 SEO Ready Checklist

  1. Run a website scan to see if you have the “basic” SEO standards in place on your site. This scan will give you a score out of 100 to see where your basic site setup stands from an optimization standpoint. Many site owners don’t realize for a site to get in front of the most people organically is to have the established code done properly and its not just about a nice-looking page anymore.  Does the site follow the algorithms needed for Google and Bing to allow people to search for your page?


Top 3 Elements to a Superior SEO Campaign

Optimized Page Elements

Page Title: The page title (title tag) should include the targeted search terms and be a well written sentence that is 60 characters long.

Page Headings: The page heading (and subheadings) should be formatted properly using H1, H2 and H3 tags and include the targeted search terms. H1 tags are meant to be used for the main or interior page headings and more than one where it makes sense on interior pages.

Image Alternate Text: Alternate text should tell a website visitor what the image is. When optimized, the alternate text can help with keyword rankings for both the webpage and the image in image searches.

Link Anchor Text: Site content should include links to other pages of the website that have keywords in the anchor text. Adding two or three keyword links into page content of 150 or more words is ideal.

Quality Page Content

A website with quality content will be one step closer to getting top search engine rankings. Blogging is a great content generator and can be valuable if done properly.  Curated (shared) content from other sources also generate quality if done correctly.  Let’s be realistic every website that wants people to visit can generate unique quality content, so a thriving area is curated content to drive traffic through social and blogging.  Be sure your social channels are linked to your website, so people can jump back to you quickly if they want to see what’s going on with the brand.

Keyword Focus

Keyword research is the groundwork for a successful SEO campaign. Primary keywords and secondary keywords should be included on every page of your site because visitors may not always enter your site from the main page.  It’s the key phrases they are seeking that drive them to your site.


Did you score better than 70% on your website scan?  If not you are likely missing these 3 elements in your site’s code.  The 2018 SEO Ready Checklist provides standard methods to organically be found with search engines.  Organic SEO is difficult to optimize if you don’t have the basics done correctly, stay on top of these areas.  Website scan is step one in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.  Step two on our 2018 SEO Ready Checklist will bring further insights to your sites rankings.

If you are having trouble updating the areas discussed in step one please reach out to VSmith Media to assist.  We have reasonable small business pricing as well as long term partnerships to maintain high standards for your brand and business.


Digital Marketing in 2018

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