Circle of Qi


Connecting those who are seeking the light energy to empower a joyous lifestyle accompanied by self-healing resources and service provides


Providing direct connection to those in service to you for empowering your life

Circle Of Qi, a life force community is a new online community that will educate, inform and inspire you to live a positive energy filled life.  While we all live multiple lives we must live in this life first to better understand what our other lives involve.  Victoria Smith, owner of VSmith Media was guided by her higher guides (counsel) to bring together all energy sources for the positive enlightenment and service of this life, so she can fulfill her next life completely.

Those who want to more about what this means, stay informed by joining our email list.  The community is in development now and will be ready within the next 60 days.  Currently we are seeking those energy workers who wish to provide blog articles, host webinars or online courses and to support the community with memberships and advertising opportunities.

Joining the community will be a $26 annual fee for all members.  Advertising online, in print and through email will range from $100 per quarter to $350 per quarter.  Plan development is in development.  All advertisers are provided an annual membership when they purchase advertising.  Online listings will range from $50 per year to $150 depending if you want us to create it or you want to create it on your own.  Either way its another online listing you don't want to leave off your local search listings, a backlink that will generate leads to your site or social media.

I am excited to bring this online community to you soon, it has been a journey to get here, but my counsel told me it was me whom had to do this.  I am not a energy worker, healer or master. I am simply a person who found out my gifts and only uses them for myself, but because I understand the powers of this gift I embraced it and felt. . .I was guided to be a provide to others seeking.

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