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We're a Full Service Marketing Company

At VSmith Media, we take a natural lead on the marketing journey for our clients.  Our mission is simple . . . Get hits and leads through local, search and social engagement. Our approach begins with an understanding of what your brand's online presence currently looks like and what is connected to your brand.  We live and breath brand management and online communications to deliver the best growth potential for our clients.

Determined to bring the best results, VSmith Media continues to learn about the latest marketing trends.  The VSmith Media motto is work smarter not harder.  By working closely with our partners at Google®, Bing®, and GoDaddy® as well as using the best technologies from HubSpot®, WordPress and Mailchimp, Facebook®, Instagram, and Hootsuite®, we will automate and integrate leads from every channel.

We are VSmith Media

Why are we called VSmith Media?  "VSmith" is named after the founder and CEO, Victoria Smith and "Media" keeps our growth brand open.  Media is defined as the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively and a means by which something is communicated or expressed.

VSmith Media started with Graphic Design then moved into advertising and marketing and later plans to enter broadcast and movie industry.  We will not leave any media untouched when it comes to delivering our clients' visions, brands, and products.

VSmith Media Staff


Victoria Smith, Founder & CEO

Victoria Smith created VSmith Media in 2017 after leaving her job as a marketing professional at a regional pharmacy and dollar store retail chain.  But this wasn't the beginning of her experience as a marketer and creative mind.  She has been in the advertising and marketing industry for 20 years, having started as a graphic designer while in college at Southwest Tennessee Community College then moving to Texas in 2004 to pursue a degree in communications and journalism at Angelo State University where she learned about radio, publishing, mass media and public relations.  She served as the advertising manager for the college paper and then went into sports marketing when she took a job as the marketing assistant for the San Angelo Saints hockey team.  All of these jobs led her to choosing to be an entrepreneur starting her first company Versatile Designs in 2008.  Here she would handle advertising and promotional work for the San Angelo Saints and San Angelo Colts teams as well as other businesses around the area.  She also started the first ever Texas based MMA magazine, Texas Fight News, in 2008 where she served as Editor in Chief, lead writer and designer.

Then in 2010 after getting married she would return to Memphis where she would take a job at the regional pharmacy and dollar store chain.  She would work here until the end of 2016, taking some time to develop the plan to go into business, once again, for herself, thus creating VSmith Media.  Many ask why she named in VSmith Media instead of something with Marketing in the name.  That answer goes back to the long term plan for the company which can be found on the 'About Us' page.


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